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The Dos and Don'ts of Home Staging in Baltimore

If you want to sell your house fast in Baltimore. It’s important to understand the dos and don’ts of home staging when you are considering putting your house on the market. You want your property to be as attractive as possible for potential buyers, which is why it pays off in the long run to take some time up-front to make sure everything is in order before listing it. This will help you sell your home faster and for top dollar.

What Is Staging?

Staging a home refers to preparing the property for sale by removing personal items and furnishings that could distract potential buyers from seeing it as a possible purchase. Once the home is staged, you will be ready to list it on the market with confidence.

Why Home Staging Is Important

When you stage your home, you are preparing it for sale. This makes it easier for show buyers through the house and speeds up the time on the market. Buyers will also be more receptive to a staged property, which allows them to see themselves in your home so they can imagine what changes they might make if they were going to purchase it.

If you have never sold a home before, it’s always prudent to get professional home staging advice since there is a lot of information that a new seller wouldn’t know or understand. The best way to do this is by working with someone who knows what they are doing. It's your best chance at selling your house in a timely manner. Dependable Homebuyers will provide you with the right advice and knowledge on how to prepare your home for sale.


* Stage your home in a way that’s appealing to buyers, like hanging photos of the view outside your living room window or placing paintings throughout the house.

* Keep rooms clean and clutter-free; limit accessories; fluff up bedding; replace old towels with new ones; keep pets out of the home.

* Use the same color scheme throughout all rooms; make sure you don’t have different styles or patterns in one room (i.e., place two matching chairs together if each has its own style).

* Make sure all rooms are bright and airy; keep any drapes open to let light into the home; shut off lights that aren’t necessary to provide enough natural light.

* Place furniture in the appropriate room; move items that block any view of a room; make sure all appliances and fixtures are working.



* Arrange furniture chaotically without paying close attention to colors schemes, measurements, and flow through a space; placing items haphazardly will not present your home as it should be presented.

* Don’t over-furnish your home with pieces that are too big for the room; you want buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, not only existing there.

* Don’t make any alterations without consulting with a professional first; if you change one thing, you may have to change other things as well to keep the flow of the home.

* Don’t hang mirrors opposite windows or use them on large blank walls that will reflect light and distract buyers from seeing your home as it should be seen.

* Avoid adding personal touches that could embarrass potential buyers, such as family photos with former romantic partners or old children's toys strewn about rooms. Be sure to remove anything that doesn't fit the style of your property before staging it.

* If you want to be able to personalize your home with your own touches once it’s on the market, then hire someone to stage it but have a separate agent for the sale.

* Don’t rearrange furniture or accessories without consulting a professional, as a change in one room will impact other rooms and the flow of your home.

* Price High Because Your Home Is Staged One thing you should bear in mind when selling your home is not overpricing it because your property looks attractive; remember that buyers are looking for homes they can afford on their level. If you are having trouble selling your property, it might be time to lower the asking price.

* Let anyone smoke inside of the home, no matter how long ago they last did. Otherwise, you run a risk of having a stale cigarette smell that will be very hard to get rid of once you list the property on the market. You don't need potential homeowners running for cover because of a whiff of stale smoke.

10 Helpful Home Staging Tips

1. Disinfect - Clean ovens, microwaves, and bathrooms with disinfectant spray to kill any odors.

2. De-clutter closets - Remove all items from closet floors and shelves so buyers can see the entire space for themselves.

3. De-personalize - Remove photos of family members and friends, other personal memorabilia, and items that you don't want potential buyers to see.

4. Open up closets - Use a coat rack or shoe rack to hang coats and store shoes in the closet so buyers can visualize extra storage space for themselves.

5. Address repairs - Repair any broken appliances or fixtures a few days before staging your home.

6. Lighting - Turn off excess lights in each room to make it feel brighter and more spacious?

7. Decorate sparingly- Use groupings of furniture to create focal points throughout rooms rather than decorating individual pieces with too many accessories where one larger piece would do just as well instead.

8. Place furniture against walls- If you're planning on moving furniture out of rooms to stage them, don't push it up against walls. Instead, use pieces that are versatile enough to be placed along the length of a wall or in the center of a room so your home looks less crowded and more open.

9. Add new drapes - If you're planning on selling your home during warmer months when buyers will want to see as much natural light as possible, consider adding new drapes that can be opened during open houses or for potential buyers who stop by at other times before listing your home formally on the market.

10. Declutter cupboards - Pull all items out of kitchen cabinets and store them elsewhere; leaving dishes behind will make your home seem cramped and messy and will also present a health hazard to potential buyers (think: cockroaches).

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