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Frequently Asked Questions
How long have you been in business?

For over 30 years.

In what areas have you built?

Houston and local surounding areas.

What sets you apart from other builders?

Our customer service is the best in the industry.

We have a proven track record of providing quality workmanship with integrity.

We provide Certified Graduate Master Builders.

We provide Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists which are recognized by AARP.

We provide Certified Graduate Remodelors to guarantee quality of workmanship.

We are commited to ongoing education in the building and remodeling fields.

We are registered with the State of Texas, the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC).

What type of warranty program do you offer?

We offer 2-years versus the industry standard 1-year warranty.

How do you charge for extras?

Prices for extras are agreed upon by both parties and signed off before work commences.

How long have your trade people been working with you?

5+ years on average.

How often during the week is the builder out at a job site?


Who will I be dealing with during construction?

The Chief Architect

Can you provide a list of references, including home-owners, suppliers, subcontractors and consultants such as architects and engineers?


Do you use environmentally responsible construction techniques?


What does it mean to be registered with the State of Texas?

The Texas Residential Construction Commission is a 9 member commission made up of 3 legislators, 3 builders, and 3 people from the general public that arbitrate disputes, at no cost to the consumer, between the contractor and the homeowner if such services are required. This protects consumer and contractor to make sure all parties fulfill their contractual obligations. This also ensures that all work performed meets or exceeds all applicable codes as defined by State, Local, and or International Residential Codes.

Tell me more about State, Local and International Residential Codes? What do they do for me as a consumer?

The codes defines the standards that have been proven as best practice in the building industry according to the State, Local, and International Residential Codes. These standards ensure the certified contractors provide the best quality workmanship in the industry.

What does it mean to me as the consumer to hire a certified gradute remodeler?

This certification level is only given to contractors who meet defined standards of business practice, have five years minimum remodeling experience, have a proven history of successful completion of projects, and have completed a comprehensive education program while pledging to uphold the program's defined Code of Ethics.